nanowrimo 2010.

It’s coming up fast, and I’m a bit intimidated this year. 2009 was my first NaNoWriMo, and I finished without a problem—but I was also determined to get to 50k. This year, I want to hit 50k but would also like to end up with something I like. A little less fluff, a little more real story. Plus there is a vacation planned at the start of the month in addition to Thanksgiving and a possible in-law invasion.

So 50k sounds more daunting this year than it did last despite a first-year win. I’ll do it. I have to. Losing is not an option.

My story idea this year came from NPR’s Three-Minute Fiction Contest. I wrote a piece for that, and I think I like the characters enough, and find them interesting enough, that I can turn that 600-word story into 50k. It’s like a tiny little outline in narrative form, already finished.

To sum up those 600 words, a family is put into the Witness Protection Program after dad-husband is accidentally involved in the bust of a human trafficking ring. They start a new life in a new town—until someone in that town recognizes them.

With my brand-new plotting workbook via my recent workshop, I’m ready to flesh out this story. I am, however, a bit lost about where to start the story. Will it start in the family’s original town, following the action of the bust and consequential move to a new town? Will it start when the family first arrives in the new town? Or will it start much later in time when they’ve established their new life only to have it shattered when someone recognizes them?

So many questions, so many days drifting away from me.


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