let’s talk about harry potter.

I read a lot. Always have, always will. Kind of want to be a librarian, if only because in my fantasy world, librarians get to sit around all day reading, only occasionally looking up to answer some child’s question.

I have lots of books that I like and a fair number that I love. But I think at the moment, if someone asked me what my all-time-favorite-book is, I’d probably answer Harry Potter. Which isn’t a book, but a character, technically. In any case, the seven books that make up the whole story are probably my all-time favorite.

J.K. Rowling created such a believable world that coexists with our own. Harry is the underdog, the downtrodden, the hero, all the things we love as readers. It has back stabbing, intrigue, romance, mystery, suspense, action … and while each book ties up into a neat little package (for the most part) there is an overarching storyline, also, that keeps the suspense from book to book.

Not that the books aren’t without their flaws. They are, but so is almost every other book out there. The thing about Harry Potter is that I don’t care. I can ignore the things that aren’t perfect.

Do I want to be the next J.K. Rowling? Really, what writer doesn’t want to hit on something that is such a phenomenon, that will likely be read by children and adults (or to children by adults) for multiple generations? I don’t necessarily want to write the next Harry Potter, however. That isn’t the kind of book I see myself succeeding at. What I want to find is the story that resonates with me, that I can be passionate about, and with that passion create something I’m really proud of that other people will want to read.

The millions upon millions of dollars wouldn’t be so bad, either, and I’ll take my paychecks in pounds, too. At the moment they’re worth more.


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