My to-do list this weekend had three things on it.

1. Plot NaNoWriMo 2010 novel, which now has a working title, “Melting the Snow.”
2. Plot NaNoWriMo 2009 novel, working title “The Novelist.”
3. Edit/rewrite enough of The Novelist to have two submissions finished for my writing group.

My to-do list now stands:

1. DONE, for the most part.
3. Half done, maybe.

I think I’m ready for NaNo this year. I just want to write a more detailed outline of my plot, which I didn’t get to this weekend because I was too busy trying to work ahead for my writing group. Uh huh. I was that kid in school. Am that kid now. So after the initial planning, lists and ideas, I switched gears to last year’s NaNo novel, which I hadn’t plotted at all. The very basic idea got me through to 50k, but didn’t leave me with anything I liked or anything that was even usable. I’ve now plotted that story, including an 1800-word narrative outline (is that a thing? I think I’m going to make it a thing) and am going back to edit/rewrite the story. It’s the third time I’ve written the first 10 pages, but I think I’m finally much closer to the story I want than I had been.

Its been two days of writing, writing, writing, and I’m tired. That same kind of tired you get after your first day at a new job. Its exciting but mentally exhausting. With one new writing piece due for my writing group Tuesday and another do the last week of NaNo, I really wanted to have a solid 20 pages finished to submit. I have 11.5. Not bad, but not great. Yes, I could skip a week, but since I’m the one that started the group last summer, I feel like I need to set a good example and turn something in for critique. Plus, its nice to get feedback on work.

Oh—those 11.5 pages? They’re ones that I had already submitted. That was just the second rewrite of the beginning of my story. But so much has been added, and so much of the story has changed, that I think its going to go out to the group again. Its that second submission coming up at the end of November that I’m a bit more worried about. I do still have two weeks before the start of NaNo, but in that two weeks I have a giant photo shoot at work which translates into weird hours a couple of nights, a movie with some girlfriends, and cleaning the house for a house guest.

I can do it, right? Maybe after a good night’s rest I’ll feel ready to tackle Adele and Jack again. Maybe while sleeping Adele will tell me about the phone call she’s supposed to have with her sister…


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