“If you haven’t surprised yourself you haven’t written.”
—Eudora Welty

I have this on a Post-It note on my computer monitor at work. Staring at it today, I realized I have surprised myself in the nonfiction world. Its the fiction world where I have yet to surprise myself, but that’s quite possibly because I’ve yet to finish a fiction piece.

A little over three days from NaNoWriMo 2010. Maybe this is the time I’ll surprise myself. I have a story, I have a plot outline, and I have some experience in this confusing fiction world. Now I just need the words to all fit together properly, so at the end of the month, the puzzle solution has appeared.

Oh, and I did the math the other day. Since I’ll be missing four days of writing almost right off the bat, I have to write approximately 4,000 words the first three days of November. In addition to full days of work and a million other things. Maybe this “surprise yourself” has little to do with content and more to do with simply getting things done.


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