day one.

Day one, NaNoWriMo 2010, and I’ve successfully written 4,020 words. Woot! Day one of three 4,000 word days is not only drawing to a close, but drawing to a close successfully! That’s a good foot to start off on, really. I had been a little downtrodden about this thing and nervous that I wouldn’t make it, but this makes me feel a bit better.

On top of all the number-of-words glory, I actually like the way I started my story. I have a feeling I’ve already gotten into some territory that is boring and unnecessary, but it’s NaNo, so that is to be expected. Sometimes word count has got to reign over quality.

Sarah and her family are slowly settling into their new life in Winona, though Sarah is having a really hard time with the winter weather. Tomorrow (tomorrow as in when I write tomorrow, not tomorrow in the story, since I ended with it being tomorrow … wow, confusing) Sarah and Ryan take Matt to his first day at his new school. Dum-da-dum. It’ll be fine. No real drama until next week (in the story…).

And now I must go finish book 5 of Harry Potter. Almost half a book to finish before Thursday. Yikes!


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