my eyes are crossing.

Today was my first day back at NaNo after four days off for a quick trip to Mexico for a friend’s wedding. I had considered bringing my laptop to write while we were there, but in the end I didn’t, and I’m glad of the decision. Since we had so little time with all of our friends most of our time was spent in the pool, at the bar. It was fun.

Today, though, back to it, where I had to log 6,000 words to catch up to where I wanted to be. Final count? 6,088. Ha! Most of it, I know, is rambling crap, but that’s OK. Its done and I think there are maybe one or two redeeming lines that will be kept when I do the complete second-draft rewrite after November is over.

I’ve been writing a lot of dialogue since that is difficult for me, and once this is all over I’ll have to go through everything and see how much sounds natural. I don’t care if none of it stays in the story, I just want to figure out how to write more natural dialogue between characters. One of the challenges for this story: One of the characters is a seven-year-old boy. Not only am I not a boy, but I don’t really remember what I spoke like when I was seven, and I don’t know any seven-year-olds. I’m trying to remember what my nephew was like three years ago when he was seven, but he maybe wasn’t the most typical kid in the world. I’ll have to find the mother or father of a seven-year-old and make them read the dialogue to see if it’s anything close to how a kid would talk.

Feels good to be caught up. I suppose I could work ahead, but I have vacation pictures to load…


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