Is it a vacation if my intention is to finally get some writing done this month? I guess since I won’t be at my regular 9-5 (uh, 8-4) it counts. Although I wouldn’t consider writing relaxing. Maybe if I write on the beach …

The problem I’ve had the first two weeks of this month is boredom. I’m bored with the story I’m working on and I’m bored with the ideas that are currently popping into my head. Not good. Man, if I’m bored, everyone else will give up by the second page. So my story needs some work, then. I just need to push past the boredom and figure out how to make my character and her life a bit more interesting.

Someone needs to die or develop a drug habit. Either will work. Maybe new surroundings during my trip will help, too. Getting out of the humdrum of life might help me get out of the humdrum that is this story.

I’ll keep you posted.


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