The longer I’m in a writing group, the more places I start to see writing prompts. They’re not usually super creative, but some have turned in to longer pieces for myself or other writers in the group; I’ll count that as a positive.

I’m going to try and post my writing prompts after our meeting twice a month—maybe someone else will see it and be able to use it.

As for the backlog, I’ve used some photos that I have since lost the original links to, but here are a few others I have used:

• You’re not feeling so hot, so you put the teapot on. Soon, it starts to scream …
• Until ____________, nothing notable had happened in the town of Madison since the year of its founding.
• I looked out over my city. I had been watching this city for a long time. I decided it was time. It was time to …
• Write about someone who misinterprets a compliment.
These pictures.

Have fun!


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