Usually my prompts for my writing group fall more into the category of story telling. Its a photo, a quote, a word that I ask everyone to develop a story around or about.

I found an interesting one for today’s group, however, that maybe isn’t the most original, but it can be challenging—depending on where you are when you use it. It came from 52 Weeks of Wordage, one of the many writing blogs I follow.

“Look around you. What is the most beautiful thing you see? Describe it in detail. Write down everything you can think to say about it.”

Ah, description, that elusive necessary of the novel. Elusive for me, anyway. I lost the ability for poetic description in one of my many journalism classes in college, and I’ve been trying to get it back for years.

This particular prompt might be tricky because we won’t be writing in any spot known for its quirkiness, beauty or charm. My writing group is still looking for a permanent home as our regular coffee shop suffered damage when the neighbor had a fire and still hasn’t reopened. We’re headed to one of the many chain coffee shops around here that all pretty much look the same.

But a person can find beauty anywhere, right?


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