crazy name.

The latest prompt from writing group, which I believe came from 52 Weeks of Wordage (I sat on this one awhile, so I’m not certain of the source):

Answer the following:
• What did Brenda do to Arnold?
• Why did he let her?
• Why did Brenda do it?
• Will this happen again?

At the last writing group meeting, eight of us wrote something for this prompt. While sharing when we were finished, an interesting theme emerged: Brenda was always crazy. Was it the name or was it the questions?

While it was most likely the questions, it is interesting to think that a name could conjure images of a crazy person. Or maybe someone very sullen or a prankster. I think that is one of the reasons I always find it so hard to name my characters.

Any names bring up images of someone crazy for you?


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