gen y.

The latest writing prompt, taken from the book “The 3 a.m. Epiphany” by Brian Kiteley, was about public vs. private space—what would happen if your character treats a public space as a private space?

I generally give the writing group 20 minutes to write on the prompt, and this time, 20 minutes wasn’t enough to really delve into a story. What I did come up with, however, was a Generation Y woman who believed she was the shit, to put it bluntly, and didn’t notice anyone else, really.

Why Gen Y? Because they’re the ones that first started growing up without scores on sports teams (everyone is a winner!) whose parents were super-concerned about making sure their kids had self-confidence (I am thumbuddy!). Did this help? Hurt? What happens if its taken to the extreme when one of these kids grows up?

I didn’t get far, but she could be an interesting character. I wonder how it would change if she was Gen X or a Baby Boomer?

How do generations affect personalities? Is there anything at all you could assume across the board?


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