november instagrams.

I’ve entered the iPhone world, finally, and have been loving Instagram, like everyone else. The title is a bit of a lie, since I only got the phone about halfway through the month, but here are some shots of my world the last few weeks.

Left to right, starting at the top: November is Nanowrimo month, and I’m happy to report that I’ve won my third year in a row!; Hubs and I playing with the phone; the leaves in Seattle finally started to turn this month; the cat enjoyed helping me write; the cat did not enjoy being placed in a box; we saw my favorite band, Hey Marseilles, at their 7-inch Elegy release show at The Neptune; we’ve been enjoying Grimm via; Seattle was dumped on over the week of Thanksgiving; Hubs and I with our traveling shoes; unlike Seattle, Texas was flat and very, very dry; we went to Austin for the first time; enjoying local Texas brew; my vegan caramel apple pie; shelling local pecans for Thanksgiving dinner; a vegan Thanksgiving; even Santa wears a cowboy hat in Texas; my first pair of cowboy boots!; I’m finally allowed to start Christmas prep after Thanksgiving. Here, my first cookies of the season.


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