evolution of a stocking.

I made this for a gift, so I couldn’t share it before the holidays. It started with this photo. Here’s my (cobbled together, amateur) take.

1. I drew my pattern based on the size I needed the stocking (allowing for seams) and the photo I had.
2. I traced the front and back of the stocking at the same time, with the right side of the fabric facing in.
3. I cut top pieces so I could fold over the top and have it show a pretty fabric.
4. I attached the top piece along the topmost edge first, right sides in.
5. Then I ironed it and finished sewing the rest of it (not the best way to do this, by the way. But I was winging it.)
6. On the back I used interfacing to make the stocking a bit stiff–that way it will hang nice when it’s empty.
7. The interfacing just attaches by ironing it.
8. Then I had to cut up my pattern to get the other pieces I needed: the flip flop bottom and strap, and the toenails.
9. Using those pattern pieces I cut out the fabric.
10. I laid everything out then used fabric glue to attach everything.
11. I then went around and outlined everything with decorative stitches.
12. The finished outlining (not the best, but it works).
13. I added a button on the flip flop.
14. Then I sewed the whole thing up and added the hanging fabric piece. Finished!

The next day I found a pattern for a proper lining for stockings. Oh well. Next time.


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