friday favorites.

Stacy and Betty

Friday favorites are late, and light, this week. We were back in the Midwest for nearly a week for the holidays, spending time with family and friends–and far less computer time. We’ve returned to Seattle, and I am looking forward to a long weekend before heading back to work.

• I love cuffs. What a good idea.
• I like this DIY, too. Possibly for things other than cameras, too.
• Gorgeous, gorgeous photos.
• You’ve probably already seen this, but I’ll link it again here.
• This accidentally happened when I was a kid and we left crayons in the rear window of the car in South Dakota. I cried. Now, it’s art, and I like it.
• How many of these have you seen? I might start working my way through them.
• And finally, some of the year’s best travel photos. I love year-end wrap-ups.


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