office inspiration.

A few months ago, we finally had our old knob and tube electrical work ripped out and replaced with modern wiring in the second bedroom we use as an office. This meant grounded plugs (yay!) so we could plug computers directly into the wall. Whoa.

So, to connect the title of this post to that first paragraph: Hubs and I now share an office, meaning I have a place to work that isn’t the dining room table! I wanted to make my corner mine, a place where I felt peaceful, creative and motivated. I wanted soft colors, natural materials and an uncluttered space. Thanks to the internet and Pinterest I found a lot of ideas–and a few stuck.

It started with

Book page wall via Poppytalk via Sweet PaulVia Poppytalk, via Sweet Paul.

I love the book pages on the wall. Love. That is my entire inspiration, really. Soft colors, full of words (hello, writer?) and old. Funny, I like old things, but am not a digger, so never buy things in antique or thrift stores. I get overwhelmed. Etsy works much better for me. But I digress.

I found a book of English poetry published in 1911 at the Seattle Library Book Sale probably a couple of years ago now, and I can’t remember if the book came before the photo or not. In any case, I had what I needed.

Next up was a desk. I found some at Anthropologie I liked, but they were in the $2,000 range. Ouch. To narrow it down, I wanted wood (preferably reclaimed) with metal legs. Here are some desks and tables I saved for inspiration:

Wall, check. Desk, check. The rest of it is still a work in progress, but here are some more images of things I want to incorporate, or am thinking of incorporating. The only thing I’m still completely unsure of is what type of chair to get. For the moment, an extra dining room chair works well enough.

My office is currently a work-in-progress. I’ll share as soon as I can get everything in order (or most things in order …)

I’m really excited. It’s going to be an awesome space to work.


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