do it: hand-painted mug.

This was a Christmas gift for my secret Santa at work. Easy, but a good way to create a customized, fun mug for someone.

You need:
• A ceramic mug (I bought mine at Crate and Barrel.)
• A Sharpie Paint marker (these come in a bunch of colors. Just make sure you get the paint marker.)
• Carbon copy paper (I think mine was actually graphite paper, I got it at an art supply store.)
• Your pattern, printed.

1. Print out (or draw) your pattern on paper.

2. Cut the carbon copy paper to a size that will fit under the pattern you drew.
3. Tape the carbon copy paper (the transfer side toward the mug) and the patter (on top of that copy paper) onto the mug wherever you want your pattern.

4. Trace over the pattern with a pencil. The copy paper will transfer that pattern onto the ceramic mug.
5. Take the patter paper and copy paper off the mug (be careful not to ruin the pattern you just transferred!)

6. Draw over the transfer with your Sharpie Paint pen (don’t smudge it!)

7. Let it dry!

I wouldn’t suggest putting a custom mug in the dishwasher, but other than that it should be pretty durable.


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