bread. 2 of 52.

I learned a lot in this week’s bread adventure.
1. Hot Cross Buns really are a thing.
2. Hot Cross Buns really have a cross on top.
3. Hot Cross Buns are actually an Easter food.
4. In the famous rhyme, the seller of Hot Cross Buns needs a lesson in economics.

5. The above video has the creepiest animation. Why are the children so much larger than the baker?
6. If you heat your soy milk too much, it kills the yeast and you end up with sweet, round bricks instead of Hot Cross Buns.

Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns (click the link for the recipe I used)

So, week 2:

Hot Cross Buns  1/5 slices. (This would be higher if said buns has risen properly. And I see a flaw in my rating system. Not all bread comes in slices.)


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