nano novel 2011. an update.


According to my little planner, I’m supposed to give an update on my yet-to-be-named Nanowrimo novel from 2011. Hmm.

Well, after taking a break for most of December, I did manage to work on the novel a little bit over my Christmas vacation, and have done a bit more since then, but other things in life have taken a necessary priority over this novel. Excuses, right? I’m getting back to it, I promise.

I’ve replotted the entire thing, as I ended up loving the characters and hating what happened, and am almost finished writing a chunk of backstory that is going to need to find it’s way into the novel, though I’m not sure how yet. Prologue? Split into bits sprinkled throughout? A big, long, monologue? Once it’s written, I can start with the present-day story.

Think I can finish a first draft, and a readable first chapter by July? Yikes!


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