friday favorites.

Simba in a suitcase

Planning an IKEA trip this weekend. Those are always interesting. We need a bit more organization around here, though. I’d love to finish the office–my closet is next on the list and as I can no longer reach stuff in the back, the situation is getting desperate. Happy weekend!

• I love this post.
GIANT balloons!
• Everyone should read this. Sorry cheese lovers.
• Love all the wallpaper in this house. I have to look at others’ wallpaper because it’s way too much work for me to do it again.
• Oh my god, this video. Had me in fits of laughter. I haven’t run a marathon, but even you 13.1-milers can relate.
DIY solid perfume.
• I need to buy Plasti-Dip.
This is interesting for the runners out there.
• I’ll put my plea here, too. Someone please, please knit this for me?
• Oooo, orange push-up smoothie.


2 thoughts on “friday favorites.

  1. Whaha those eels are epic! And I have run half a marathon last year; that video is soo funny! At one point while running I was thinking: ‘how did I ever get into this? Why on earth would somebody do this voluntarily? I don’t want to anymooooore..!’ :p (I did finish though..)

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