friday favorites.

snowmen(None of these are of my creation. Just spotted around the neighborhood.)

Ugh, snow. Stuck at home for two days due to this storm. The first day was OK, Thursday I had terrible cabin fever. I’m really hoping the predictions of 40-degree weather and some rain come true so I can make it in today. I really dislike snow. Moving on …

Custom printed fabric. So awesome.
• Seattle’s a great scarf city. I have more scarves at this point than shoes. Anyway, here’s a bunch of ways to tie a scarf.
• I would like this for my backyard.
• Learn how to use your DSLR with this iPad app.
• Or, just turn your iPhone into a virtual one.
This thing is awesome.
Cute candle idea.
Ha! Cat! And Honey Badger is the best cat name of all time.
• I’d skip the hearts, but I like the color idea.
• Really fantastic cinamagraph.

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