bread. 9 of 52.

Generally, my book club meets around food, and we try to cook based on a theme. This past meeting the theme was Southern food, having just finished reading The Kitchen House (excellent book, if a bit depressing–but those are my favorite kind). In addition to Southern food, a friend recently discovered allergies to soy, gluten, dairy and eggs, which created a great challenge for me. Vegan cornbread that is also gluten free.

Gluten free cornbread

After digging around online a bit, here’s the recipe I tried. It was good. The texture was correct, the only thing lacking for me was … corn. It didn’t have a ton of corn flavor. I wonder if the proportions of corn meal to other flours needs to be adjusted a bit. Oh, and I didn’t add the onion or garlic because I really don’t like extra stuff in my cornbread. That could also have contributed to the flavor lacking a bit. The moisture content was correct for cornbread, though, which has been the problem for me in the past with gluten-free baked goods. Its the first loaf of gluten-free bread I’ve ever made, time to keep trying!

Week 9:
Gluten-free cornbread  2.75/5 slices


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