challenge: photo a day, february edition.

It started with this.

Here are mine:

Day 1: your view today (blogging)
Day 2: words (hubs’ first birthday dinner in Vegas)
Day 3: hands (I didn’t win)

Day 4: a stranger (the only bride I saw in Vegas)
Day 5: 10 a.m. (we were on a flight)
Day 6: dinner (avocado pasta)

Day 7: button (love this button)
Day 8: sun (no sun in Seattle that day, so instead it’s Vegas)
Day 9: front door (looking out our peephole/viewing door/whatever thing)

Day 10: self portrait
Day 11: makes you happy (this afghan, custom-made by my mom, is long enough for me)
Day 12: inside your closet

Day 13: blue (I own no blue, this is hubs’ shirt)
Day 14: heart
Day 15: phone (why is my phone cord always tangled?)

Day 16: something new (my fringe)
Day 17: time (running watch)
Day 18: drink (my favorite water bottle)

Day 19: something you hate to do (dishes)
Day 20: handwriting (a favorite writing quote)
Day 21: a fave photo of you (by GTR)

Day 22: where you work (yes, that is paper as a monitor shelf)
Day 23: your shoes (I love Toms)
Day 24: inside your bathroom cabinet (I have a lot of floss)

Day 25: green (limeade and Powell’s)
Day 26: night
Day 27: something you ate (love, love, love popcorn)

Day 28: money
Day 29: something you’re listening to (wonderful movie, wonderful soundtrack)

In case you’re interested, here’s March. I post these on Instagram, my name is mightystacy if you want to follow.


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