kale chips.

Kale chips

You’re missing out if you haven’t had these yet. So easy, so delicious and good for you (well, there’s a lot of salt, but they’re better than, say, potato chips). Anyway, here’s how I make them.

You need:
• Bunch of kale (any kind)
• Salt (gourmet sea salt is best)
• Extra-virgin olive oil

Preheat the oven to 375. Rip up your kale into chip-sized pieces (it shrinks a bit in the oven), but don’t use the hard stems. In a single layer on a cookie sheet (I usually do two rounds for one bunch of kale) spread out the kale, then drizzle some olive oil over the top (maybe a tablespoon? I guess) and some salt (depending on how salty you want your chips, probably a few teaspoons). Turn it all over to cover all sides of the kale with some olive oil (don’t drench it, though) and salt.

Bake in the oven for about five minutes, then flip them, bake five minutes more, etc., until the chips are done. Pull them off the baking sheet onto a paper towel to help drain some of the excess oil (they’ll stay crispier).

One thought on “kale chips.

  1. Love kale chips! I use a misto to spray them lightly with olive oil – one side seems to work fine – then some salt! SO good and satisfying!

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