february instagrams.

March 2012

Left to right, starting at the top: While in Kauai, waiting to get out of Hanalei (read about that adventure here); Hawaii is still pretty, even when it’s dumping rain; the largest piece of ginger I’ve ever seen; ever had 808 vodka? POG is my favorite; ziplining was awesome; we were really excited to make it to the airport in time for our flight home, it’s just too bad one friend missed her flight home; vegetable spring rolls from work are the BEST; my cat’s a shit head; so we shaved him and now he looks ridiculous; pancakes, the breakfast of champions; my run turned into a mud event; I finally caught a photo of the cat walking around with his tongue out; night out with the coworkers, both former and present; at a Hunger Games showing we got our “Capitol” makeup done; welcome to the world, Elliott!; my graphic designer, the thief; sometimes, the dinners I make are damn pretty; finally found what I need to hang photos.


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