april instagrams.

Left to right, starting at the top: Found an old CD I picked up in Germany–I loved Oasis so much, I have a CD shaped like Noel Gallagher’s head; kale salad from work; a vegan’s delight–an Oreo cookie birthday cake for my 30th; his and hers matching running shoes; paper for my drawing class is so enormous it dwarfs the cat; TEGAN!; trying out Bluebird’s vegan coconut ice cream (it’s pretty fantastic); so far in drawing class, I’ve learned I’m terrible at sharpening pencils; St. Dames vegan brunch; visited the Tulip Festival with family–these are daffodils; here’s a tulip; pasta (lots of vegan options!) at Pike Place Market; Volunteer Park on a rare sunny April day; spotted at the Volunteer Park Conservatory; another shot from Volunteer Park; a seafood place with a veggie menu!; Molly Moon is quite popular, as you can tell from the garbage can on the street outside the shop; a pretty Seattle view.


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