I have significantly more words than this now.

November has become the month of the marathon. I’ve been absent from here, but there’s a reason. Two actually.

1. Nanowrimo
2. Walt Disney World Marathon

Between working, writing, running and simply trying to get enough sleep at night, I’m out of extra time. This weekend I was so behind on word count from the week that I wrote 7,000 words today alone. Yikes. I’m happy to report I am caught up on where I should be. I’m also hoping this week I have more time to write so I don’t fall behind again.

I’m also running more miles than I ever have before, officially reaching that point last week when I went 14 miles. Previously, I’d only ever gone 13.1. This weekend I did 15. And all I wanted when I was done was a burrito. There’s already a plan in place to go from the marathon to the closest Chipotle. I could probably eat two of their burritos after 26.2 miles. And yes, I’ll be wearing my medal while shoving said burrito in my mouth.

So November is marathon month. At least in December I only have to concentrate on the running. The novel can wait for revisions until after the race. And the celebratory burrito.


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