where. what. marathon countdown.

Hunter Boots

Holy cow, it’s already December 27. How’d that happen? It seems this goal of finishing a marathon has completely taken over. Sixteen days, folks. In 16 days we’ll see if I can still walk after running 26.2 miles.

My knees hurt, my left foot hurts, my right shin hurts. But I have 15.5 days to let them rest and heal. And then they’ll probably get a nice, long break from running afterward. Time to buy a bike, I guess.

So far, I have a 5k and a half marathon on the calendar for the rest of 2013. No more marathons yet. Have to finish the first one. My two goals after this race are a sub 2-hour half marathon and a Ragnar Relay. Except I need 11 other people crazy enough to want to do Ragnar, too. Anyone feel like running around northwestern Washington?

If you happen to be in Florida on January 13, I’ll be one of the thousands running around Disney World. Cheer for us, people. We’re going to need it.


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