The Alamo

We were in Texas this year, which I thought would be strange … but Texas was colder than it was in Seattle, so it felt like winter. I don’t need snow for Christmas. The sunshine was just fine.

This time, we flew in and out of San Antonio instead of Austin, and got to spend a few hours there. Saw the Alamo (well, part of it … it was really busy on a Saturday, so next time we’ll visit on a weekday) and the Riverwalk, which are fine, but touristy. I much preferred the couple of spots I found to eat that were vegan-friendly. I think San Antonio has some fun neighborhoods, we just didn’t have enough time to explore.

The Cove Vegan Bacon Cheeseburger

If you’re ever in San Antonio, check out Fralos for pizza (they have vegan cheese!) or The Cove for a sandwich shop (try the vegan bacon cheeseburger!)—that is also a laundromat, carwash, live music venue and bar. I loved it.

Some more photos from the trip:



The Pickle Place

^^ This place had amazing pickles.

Gruene, Texas Dance Hall

^^ The Gruene, Texas dance hall. Big country names played here before they were famous, and I guess some come back to play once in awhile.

The Cove^^ Panorama of The Cove uh, complex. Don’t be scared. The food is delicious. 


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