happy new year: 2013 goals.


I’ve decided not to do a list of traditional goals for 2013. I did one in 2012, and didn’t make much progress. Also, 2012 was kind of a wreck of a year, and I’m happy to see it go. Instead, here’s my current stack of books I want to finish reading this year. (Don’t worry, this stack will grow.)

Book Goal 2013 2

The first four books I’m actually already reading, so maybe they don’t count. “Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All” by Allan Gurganus was mentioned by one of my favorite authors, Jonathan Evison (his latest is in this stack, too). The main character has an amazing voice.

“The Casual Vacancy” is J.K. Rowling’s first adult book, if you don’t count the last couple of Harry Potter books. So far, it’s okay. She definitely has a voice, and it’s interesting to hear that voice in a completely different context.

“The First 20 Minutes” is nonfiction, about the latest in exercise science. My friend Meghan Stevenson was the editor for this book, which is how I heard about it. I’m almost through this one.

I’ve been reading “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” off and on for quite awhile, and I think I need to finally just finish it. It’s incredibly interesting, so I’m not sure why it’s taken so long just to finish it.

Also on the list: “In Cold Blood,” “Awkward.” by my friend Sam Scholfield and “Wake Up: A Life of the Buddha” by Jack Kerouac.

Books 3I picked up “New York” by Edward Rutherfurd in Greenwich Village. I’ve developed a slight obsession with that city.

“A Moment in the Sun” by John Sayles caught my eye because the design of the cover is beautiful and it’s incredibly long at 955 pages. I love ridiculously long books—it’s a challenge to finish them.

Ken Follett’s new book is the second in the Century Trilogy, called “Winter of the World.” The first in the trilogy was “Fall of Giants,” and like his “Pillars of the Earth” series, it’s just wonderful. I’m excited to pick up with all the families I met in the first book.

The book I think I’m most excited about is Jonathan Evison’s new one, “The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving.” I loved his first published novel “All About Lulu” and enjoyed his second, “West of Here.” I’m sure this one is going to be just as fantastic.

Books 4The last three: “The Solitude of Prime Numbers” by Paolo Giordano has been on my to-read list for a long time, and I spotted it at Powell’s in Portland on sale, so I need to get to that one. “Eat & Run,” by Scott Jurek is about his experience as an ultramarathoner and a vegan. I don’t want to be an ultramarathoner but I am vegan, so I’m excited to see what he has to say. And finally, “The Marriage Plot” by Jeffrey Eugenides. I’ve liked all his other books, so I can’t wait to finally read this one.

Are you on Goodreads? If you are, here’s my profile. See what I’ve read and the 300-plus other books on my to-read list that I don’t yet have sitting around the house (so they didn’t make this list). Let’s connect! I love seeing what other people are reading.

Happy New Year!

Books 5


3 thoughts on “happy new year: 2013 goals.

  1. I love the use of pictures in this post. Really makes it pop. I’ve been wondering about Rowling’s latest book, and if it was any good. You say she has her own voice in her writing, but do you think her foray into adult lit was a success?

    • I’m only about 150 pages in, and just now am really becoming interested in the characters. It definitely isn’t as engaging as Harry Potter was right away. That said, I don’t feel like I’ve read enough to truly judge it yet. I’ll write a follow up when I do finish reading it.

  2. this list looks yummy. there are several here I want to read as well. maybe you read them, blog about them, then I will read something else…..following now.

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