favorite: breakfast.


There is something about mornings that I love. The relative quiet, knowing there are hours left to get the to-do list finished, sipping a warm cup of coffee. The last few days, in particular, I’ve had leftover tofu scramble from a book club brunch (brunch with girlfriends might be the best thing ever). It’s the recipe from “Vegan with a Vengeance” but with added zucchini and potatoes. Though I didn’t like the tofu I used (different grocery store, new-to-me brand) everything else was really good. Add cinnamon toast, coffee and morning blog reading, and it can’t be beat.

The rest of the ambiance: We installed wind chimes we bought in Texas over Christmas and they are beautiful. They are not the high-pitched, tinny things so many people sell. I can hear them from my breakfast spot when the wind is blowing, and they produce a rich sound (tuned in the pentatonic scale, the sales woman pointed out about 80 times).

There is also a bouquet of lilies my lovely husband brought home on Valentine’s Day that are still gorgeous, but even better, make the whole room smell like flowers. If I had any talent with plants, I’d grow things that smell good all the time. Instead, I rely on fresh cut flowers once in a while.


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