read: daughter of smoke & bone.


YA. Why do I do this to myself? I never think they’re very good. Sorry die-hard YA lovers. I read Laini Taylor’s “Daughter of Smoke & Bone” because some book club friends said I should. I should stop listening to them. Ha.

It wasn’t terrible. I will say it was probably better written than the Twilight books, but my problem with YA is that it’s so predictable. I think I had it figured out in the first two chapters, at least for the most part. My other problem is that YA seems to often feature a difficult or forbidden romance. UGH. I hate that in adult books, too, and have never even touched a Nicolas Sparks novel for that reason. This one did have a plot that was more than girl-must-live-for-guy (hello, Twilight). Karou, the main character, doesn’t really know where she came from or who she is, and when her family is thrown into chaos, she just wants to find them and get answers. While falling in love with someone she shouldn’t, of course.

The funniest part of this book is that the author borrows from all kinds of legends, fables and myths from around the world to create her story. I kept looking things up to see where they came from and how badly she’d butchered the myths. But it’s a fantasy world and no one says you have to follow rules, so go for it, I guess. I actually don’t know much about fantasy because it isn’t something I read, so part of my research was because I didn’t know what she was talking about.

I’m sure if it isn’t already optioned for a movie, it will be, and it conveniently ends set up for the second book. If you like YA, then read it, you’ll probably enjoy it. Unless you’re a strict fantasy rule-follower. Then some of the liberties Taylor takes might drive you crazy.


Funny story about this book: I reserved a copy at the library, and it showed up about a week later. It’s a really popular book right now, so I was surprised it had only taken a week. Then I picked it up. I’d accidentally reserved the large print edition. Whoops. Reads the same, though.

I’m now going back to the land of non-YA.


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