365 project: february 25-March 6

365 Project

My 365 project for 2013: One sentence a day, with the year-long goal of a story of 365 sentences by Dec. 31.

February 25-March 6
They’d met after lunch that day, planning on relaxing in the woods, a place they’d often went together. Sam had been having a terrible time at work, and although Alex didn’t know details, she knew enough to insist he take some time away.

At the edge of the woods, they compared supplies: Alex had brought all the beer she could find in her house, which admittedly wasn’t much, while Sam unearthed a few joints from his pocket. They were set.

There was a favorite spot, where the pair had been going since elementary school, that was near the river but secluded enough that anyone walking by couldn’t see it. When they were young, it had been easy enough to crawl through the thick underbrush to the base of the giant evergreen, but now, as adults, it took some maneuvering. Even though they practically sat on top of each other, long limbs entwined, it was still the go-to spot.

Alex knew they’d crawled in and cracked open a couple bottles of beer, toasting to their carefree afternoon. She knew Sam had started to tell her about his worries—the company wasn’t doing well and layoffs were probably coming shortly. She knew she’d tried to console him, that he was smart, and talented and would be able to find another job.

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