done: medal holder-stick-thing.

I wanted something to display my running medals on that wasn’t one of those commercial holders with the sappy message, and was better than having a pile of ribbon and medal in a box.

Then I came across this post. I love the wood. I don’t have easy access to driftwood, but I do have an unwieldy apple tree in the back yard. So when my husband trimmed it, he saved a good branch for me.




I started with painting some stripes in random places and random widths down the branch, using Martha Stewart craft paint and a foam brush.


Then I took yellow yarn and started winding, until I liked how it looked.

To hang it on the wall, I braided twine, tied a knot in the end and used those two pieces to hang it from our picture rail. It was a bit tricky to hang it with all the medals on it—since the medals couldn’t be placed on the branch after it was hung—so if you have a lot of medals, maybe get some help.


I don’t think it looks too shabby, and will look better once my husband’s medals are also hanging on it.


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