365 project: March 18-31

365 Project

My 365 project for 2013: One sentence a day, with the year-long goal of a story of 365 sentences by Dec. 31.

March 18-31
A knock at the door made Alex jump.

“Hi honey,” her mom said, letting herself in. She walked over and hugged Alex. “We’re going to figure this out.”

“I’ve been thinking about it, mom, and I just don’t remember.”

Her mom sat down after grabbing a pen and a pad of paper from the countertop. “Start at the beginning.”

So Alex relayed her tale, leaving nothing out. Her mom knew about her substance habits. Who didn’t, in this town? It was no secret that Alex had often been in trouble in high school.

“Did you take anything besides the pot?”

“I don’t think so.” Alex rubbed her head in an effort to try and extract a clearer vision of the day.

(see previous sentences)


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