all the pretty books.

I was wandering around Elliott Bay Book Company last week with no real objective. Then I spotted this:

All The Pretty Books 1

What a gorgeous copy of “The Beautiful and the Damned,” huh? I want to use that book as inspiration for my bedroom. Creamy white with gold. So pretty. I didn’t buy it, but I might have to go back and do it just because I can’t stop thinking about that book cover. I’ve never read that one, though “The Great Gatsby” is one of my all-time favorite books, so I really should.

After that, I was on a mission to find more pretty books in the fiction section. Like these:

All The Pretty Books 2

Novellas–and there is a whole series–that are the cutest size and a typography lover’s dream. The covers are so simple and bold. They’re adorable. They’d look really nice displayed face-out on a shelf somewhere. Plus, I haven’t seen novellas published alone before (other than “Heart of Darkness”), and I love the idea. I don’t remember what company published these, but kudos to them.

And finally, this copy of a favorite book:

All The Pretty Books 3

What you can’t tell from a photograph is how awesome it felt. The cover was incredibly soft. I’m guessing it was pleather, based on the price, but it didn’t feel like plastic or vinyl. It wasn’t stiff, either. My copy of “Anna Karenina” is a beat-up paperback edition. I’d love to have this one.

Ever bought a book just because it was such a pretty design?


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