We’ve been hiking a lot this spring. It’s one of the best parts of Seattle–so many great places to get lost in the trees, all less than two hours away. The last three hikes have all been to waterfalls. Turns out there are a lot of waterfalls in this state. (These are all iPhone photos, so they aren’t the greatest.)

Wallace Falls

To Wallace Falls

Wallace Falls 1

Wallace Falls 2It was so sunny this day, just beautiful. Wallace Falls is really pretty, but it is a busy trail. Going on an overcast day would probably help with crowds. Otherwise go early. We were walking out around 11 a.m., so we missed the worst of the crush.

Twin Falls

Woods to Twin Falls


One of the fallsWe did the Twin Falls hike with my mother in law. This is a short hike (less than five miles out and back) and a good one if you’re with someone who doesn’t have hiking gear (boots, mostly). I only have a photo of one of the waterfalls. Guess the other one wasn’t very impressive. Actually, if I remember correctly, you couldn’t get a great shot of the other one. This is another really busy trail, since it’s so short and easy. The woods to get there is just beautiful, though. Look at the trees! Love it.

Cherry Creek Falls

Crossing a creek

End of the trail

Cherry Creek FallsCherry Creek Falls has been my favorite so far. Wear boots on this hike–you have to cross a stream, and the trail is muddy, so you’re going to get, well, wet and muddy. But it’s worth it. Also, write down the directions. There is no cell phone reception on the trail, and while the trail is marked with pink ribbons, it’s helpful to know when to start watching for turns. We got to the end of the trail, and someone had painted “Well done” on the log marking the lookout. Ha. You can also hike down to see the falls from the front, which I would recommend. Just look at how pretty they are! This trail wasn’t nearly as busy–it’s five miles round trip, and a bit more out of the way, which helps, and totally worth it.

Craig at Armadillo

Bathroom StrangenessOn the way home from Cherry Creek Falls we passed the Armadillo Barbecue, my husband’s favorite barbecue. They were open, so we stopped in and he ate some ribs. Above is the women’s bathroom–they have a toothbrush chained to the safety bar by the toilet. So confused.

Any favorite hikes we need to check out?






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