read: the girls.

The Girls

“The Girls” by Lori Lansens was the latest book club book. I didn’t remember anything about it when I picked it up from the library, other than it was about conjoined twin girls. Should be interesting, right?

Should be.

I finished the book–it wasn’t terrible–pretty quickly, but I think that’s because another book came in at the library I’d been waiting a long time for. Interesting things happened to the two girls, Rose and Ruby. Their parents, Aunt Lovely and Uncle Stash, were also interesting. The story wasn’t told in an interesting way, however. Strange, right?

Rose told most of the story, her premise wanting to write her autobiography. Because, obviously, she’s never truly alone, Ruby also contributes a few chapters. The girls live outside of Toronto in a small town called Leaford, where they go to school, graduate, get a job and figure out how to live when joined at the head.

There are a few surprises and unexpected events, but early on you’re told how the story ends, and for me, already a bit bored, this made it even harder to keep reading. In addition, Rose receives something at the end of the book that is really important, and I think is supposed to be the turning point, but it isn’t something I felt like she really, really wanted. So the climax of the book fell flat for me.

I gave this one two stars on Goodreads. I wasn’t angry I took the time to finish it, so it deserved more than one star.


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