New year, new blog!

I’ve been working on a brand-new blog–new layout, new content, new direction–so in the next week this will all change. Same address, new everything else.

Very excited. Happy new year!


The Eccentric Habits Of 8 Classic Writers

Thought Catalog

People everywhere have odd working habits, but let’s face it: writers are weird. Below, some of history’s most lauded literary figures and their bizarre habits, sourced from Celia Blue Johnson’s Odd Type Writers.


For starters, there’s Friedrich Schiller, who could not work or live without a “bundle of rotten apples in his desk drawer.” Apparently it was the aroma, which motivated him to work.

It’s comforting, really, to learn that some of the greatest literary figures oscillated between the creative and the crazy—especially when it came to caffeine. Despite coffee being illegal at his school, Honoré de Balzac would smuggle it in anyway, often leading him into debt and, eventually, forcing him to confess. In the 1830s, he often left Paris for bits of time to go to the small town Saché, where he would stay at his friend Jean de Margonne’s house—a friend who also happened to…

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Pink Bush

Haven’t disappeared. Just … life. Have visitors in town for a week and change. I’ll be back.

That bush is in our front yard. This is the only time of year I like it. Without flowers, it’s rather scraggly.

done: medal holder-stick-thing.

I wanted something to display my running medals on that wasn’t one of those commercial holders with the sappy message, and was better than having a pile of ribbon and medal in a box.

Then I came across this post. I love the wood. I don’t have easy access to driftwood, but I do have an unwieldy apple tree in the back yard. So when my husband trimmed it, he saved a good branch for me.




I started with painting some stripes in random places and random widths down the branch, using Martha Stewart craft paint and a foam brush.


Then I took yellow yarn and started winding, until I liked how it looked.

To hang it on the wall, I braided twine, tied a knot in the end and used those two pieces to hang it from our picture rail. It was a bit tricky to hang it with all the medals on it—since the medals couldn’t be placed on the branch after it was hung—so if you have a lot of medals, maybe get some help.


I don’t think it looks too shabby, and will look better once my husband’s medals are also hanging on it.


Bohemia Case

Months ago, I bought into a Kickstarter project for a gorgeous deck of cards, and the deck finally showed up in the mail last week. They’re gorgeous! (Here’s the website for ’em.) One of the Kickstarter levels included a big print of the artwork … and now I’m wishing I would have done that.

FaceCardsI think the Queen of Spades is my favorite. Look at her hair!

I try hard not to collect things (books don’t count!) but I do love a good deck of cards. We have a ton lying around the house. Funny thing is, I usually end up playing some version of solitaire on my phone. But I don’t mind playing cards when family gets together. Do other families still play cards, or is it just mine?


happy birthday.

Happy birthday to my lovely husband. He’s the best.

the shining.

I think this is old, but I hadn’t seen it before, and it’s too good not to share.


I love Hey Marseilles, but the other guys are good, too. Two parts, totally worth it.

new york.

Finally made it to New York City in April. I’d been avoiding it for awhile because I figured I’d want to live there, and since hubs has said he’d never move there, I figured it was better just not to know. NYC is wonderful, a really fantastic city, but, surprisingly, I wouldn’t want to live there. I was shocked at that. So Seattle, I’m staying put … for now.

We covered most of Manhattan, I feel like (we didn’t, but we covered a lot of ground), and hit a lot of tourist spots. I was completely exhausted, but since NYC is such a long haul from Seattle, we had to make it worth the trip. My favorite two neighborhoods? Williamsburg in Brooklyn (it feels like Seattle) and Greenwich Village. Our trip in photos.

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