Rock On Buddha

I like this site, and can get lost for hours, but nearly everything tagged writing is a favorite. Need a push, some inspiration, or someone to say what you’re thinking? Scroll through. And then keep writing.

I’m about halfway through my second draft of my novel. I figure I have about three more edits to go before it’s ready for the first round of readers. This is a slow process, people. But I’m not tired of these characters yet, so I’ll continue to slog.

“One does not ask if it’s worth it. We are people, there is no doubt, who exist solely insofar as we write, otherwise we don’t exist.”

Also, Buddha says rock on.


writing blogs.


Like every other topic, there are a million writing blogs out there. I don’t read these as regularly as I probably should, but I do like to browse them a couple of times a week. Here are just a couple that I subscribe to:

Victoria Mixon’s blog. I really liked this post.
Storyfix. This was interesting.
JM Tohline. His posts are always well thought-out.
Every Writers Resource Literary Magazines. There are so many out there. They list a nice mix.
Better Book Titles. This one is just funny.

Others? Send them my way, I’d love to check them out!

some favorites around the web.

Favorite Websites

Who’s that handsome man?

I always love seeing lists of favorite websites–everyone finds something different, so most lists have at least one gem for the reader. Anyway, here are a few of my favorites at the moment.

Finding Vegan–great resource for vegan food, and oh, the pretty pictures!
Lainey Gossip–one of my favorite gossip sites. She’s hilarious.
Crazy Days and Nights–my other favorite gossip site. Love blind reveal day!
Kendi Everyday–I love seeing her outfits, plus, she’s funny.
A Beautiful Mess–I’ve linked to this site before. So creative.
From Me to You–beautiful photography, and I really love their cinamagraphs.
101 Cookbooks–a beautiful cooking blog. Not everything is vegan, but lots can be adapted. Also, my favorite Brussels sprouts recipe came from this site.
Etsy–my new favorite place to shop.
Pinterest–for the visual folks out there.
Creative Writing Prompts–for when I’m completely stuck.
Goodreads–this is my absolute favorite way to keep track of books. Plus, with my iPhone I can scan barcodes and add them to my “to-read” list. Awesome.